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We have been producing high quality equipment for use in a wide range of electronic productions processes since 1994.

These are universal and product-specific retainers and workpiece holders for circuit boards for the processes:
  • Wave soldering, flow soldering, THT assembly
  • SMD assembly of flex circuit boards, rigid-flex circuit boards
  • Selective soldering
  • Panel separation
  • Lacquer pcbs
  • Manual soldering
and the associated components such as holding-down systems, board fixings, component fixings etc. Our production programme encompasses solutions for all established soldering systems and solder technologies.

2D- and 3D-designs in accordance with your data (Gerber, dxf, paf, stp, pcf, IGES, etc.), or on provision of sample circuit boards and/or drawings.

By using our tailored solder masks, your soldering results will be optimised and solder defects reduced.

We predominantly manufacture our products using Durostone and RICOCEL materials, which are suitable for lead-free soldering processes.
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